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About us

Heavy Traffic Music is an independant record label based in Ascot, England, founded by Julian Gabriah to create a musical home for artists of all genres.


Created in 2019 Heavy Traffic Music really does have a wealth of experience in the music industry, we are an independant record label that works alongside our artists to get their music through to their audience and beyond. We do this because we are passionate about our music and we want to make a difference!


We are a label with heart, soul and integrity and we want to share exciting music with you.


Friends of Heavy Traffic Music

Heavy Traffic Music is a member of Aim. Aim is the not-for-profit trade body exclusively representing the UK's

independant music sector.


Forte Training Company is an award nominated training and coaching provider specialising in leadership and performance solutions for a modern star-in-the-making.



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Contact robert.magee@overlook.co.uk for a quality shoot. Check out the full website at www.overlook.co.uk

Langley Guitar Centre


The best Independant guitar shop based near Slough. Established in 1968 selling Amps, Guitars, Drums and much more. 


Tel: 01753 542720



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